Our new brand image

At a designer´s home, everything is nicely designed.

There’s a saying: “In the blacksmith`s house, a wooden knife”. But in TMGroup we don´t honor this popular saying. Even though designing for yourself is a very hard task, in TM we renewed our image

Of course, making decisions about your own image and how you want to be seen by your clients is much more challenging than working with the detachment you have when you work for your clients. That’s probably the reason why the blacksmith prefers a wooden knife in his house. If he is very self-demanding, like us in TM, he would probably never settle. That’s why he prefers his peace of mind and keeps the wooden knife.

In TM, we like challenges and, even though the change had been developing for a long time in our mind and our actions, finally we managed to get it going and we are very proud of the results. Because beyond esthetics, everything comes from our brand character, what we are. We are designers who love being designers every time and everywhere.

Knowing who we are, we defined a look and feel for our brand. A visual style that we want to be identified by. To achieve this, not only did we put it into words but we also created an inspirational resource board that reflects how we want to be seen. I always compare this board with a painter’s color palette, it’s a kind of resource board that helps the masterpiece to have, for example, some color logic.

We were looking for something powerful, such as design itself, so we defined the new look and feel for TM: OP ART, the movement bases on the visual games typical from the 60’s and 70’s that provoke the observer. Definitely that is what we want to achieve as designers: PROVOKE!… I like this word… Provoke. That means that anyway you generate a reaction on the observer. Isn’t design a provoker at the end of the day?

Once the look and feel was defined, we explored their different manifestations in areas such as packaging, interior design and fashion. Just to increase our inspiration and build up our brand.

Then it was time to update our logo. We didn’t want to lose the “infinite” because it represents the possibilities that design has, besides it has been our icon for the past 10 years, it’s part of our personality but it needed to be refreshed. So, under the definition of our look and feel we redesigned it with more geometrical forms and added EST. 1997 (EST stands for established) and yeap, this is something we have to let the world know. This year, it’s our 20th anniversary. It’s a long time… a lot of brands have worked with us. It’s a lot of experience and a lot of effort to stay innovative and to give novelty in all our results. (By the way it seems like it was only yesterday for all of us… we are all still young!).

And the process went on while we defined a color palette, 2 typographic families and designed a few communication pieces, like this web page.

In this designer’s house, we always wanted “knives” with good design.

See you soon,


Creative Director TMGroup

PS: if you want to talk about this subject, here’s my mail: [email protected]. Love to hear from you.