Panama City: event by TM


Some months ago, Nestlé Panamá called us to work on the launch of a new Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine.

Did you know that the brand is firmly committed to design? Yes, beyond providing a high quality product, Nescafé Dolce Gusto strategy is to offer innovation to the public launching new machines with distinctive designs.

And yes, designs calls designs and the best option for the launch of the new machine called Eclipse was to create and design an event that was prepared by designers because an event turns into a brand experience through the designer’s skill.

So, we entered into this work team whose challenge was to think and design the event for the launch of the Eclipse machine for a reduced group of VIP public in the city of Panamá.

Neither any detail of the design was left to chance, nor any detail of the design was left to chance by the designer of the machine Eclipse, whose simplicity is magnetic and so, you are taken by surprise when the machine suddenly “breaks” and opens to start working.

We created a CONCEPT ART that allowed us to be coherent in each intervention. We went beyond the limits of the machine to include “SPATIAL DESIGN” in everything! Spatial design, audiovisual design of the video that was projected through a mapping on the machine corporate logo, costume design for promoters and assistants, design of the guests’ invitations and gifts.

Part of our commitment as designers is to be coherent with the language of each brand to empower the personality in each detail.

If you enter the world of the design of Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines, you will find interventions made by artists or machines that are supported by other brands that are committed to design, such as mini Cooper. You will be surprised!

See you soon


Creative Director TMGroup

PS: I take advantage of this opportunity to let you know that TMGroup has an office in Panamá and our Commercial Director is Ana Karina Hernández. If you are interested in starting a design project together, this is her email: [email protected]

PS: if you want to talk about this subject, here’s my mail: [email protected]. I would like to know your point of view.