TIDE is a worldwide sold laundry detergent with brand qualities that are shared all around the world. However, and despite this definition, the brand wished they could create a bond with the “local” consumer through relevant situations or moments in each region.


In a brainstorming with our client, a new idea came up: the design of a collectible packaging for the Chinese market, which aimed at the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the first one was the year of the Horse.


The biggest challenge for TMGroup was to produce a design with a Chinese look, created by non-Chinese designers. The designer’s skill can go beyond the nationality barrier, when he/she supports his creation on referents (in TM, we love basing our work on references).

So, we analyzed a lot of Chinese design images in detail. We catalogued them, drew conclusions, and looked at them a thousand times until we incorporated their style.


The design decision was to work with different horse silhouettes with vector and photographic flowers inside. Flowers are a graphic element that Tide uses to communicate and differentiate their fragrances. The horse silhouettes had a transformation process from the occidental to the oriental world. We adjusted every curve and every line for them to be “original Chinese”. The design process of the flowers had the same aim, but the approach was different. We chose typical oriental flowers inspired by the textile world, the kimonos and the feminine umbrellas of the Chinese women.