ADDNICE is it’s a sneakers brand for kids and teenagers. A market segment that looks for non sporting trendy shoes, with a competitive price./intermediate price range.

STAGE 1: BRAND IMAGE_ Brand perception.

First of all, we suggested our client investigate among the brand consumers to find out what the perception of the brand was. As a result, we could see that the consumers recognized the brand as the “Disney sneakers” because ADDNICE has an extensive Disney portfolio.

STAGE 2: BRAND POSITIONING _ Definition of Brand character.

It was absolutely necessary to separate ADDNICE from DISNEY.

After a close analysis of the Brand historical communications and the new communication strategy, we defined the Brand character.

ADDNICE is fun, cool, fresh and trendy.

STAGE 3: BRAND IDENTITY _Creation of the look and feel. Asset design and brand style manual.

The design strategy was to create a look and feel inspired in the iconic Disney characters such as Violeta, Luna and Jessie, taking into account the fact that the consumer associates ADDNICE with DISNEY. We suggested the differentiation through the creation of a brand logo that wasn´t communicated up to that moment.

Once the look was designed, we created all the other graphic elements that were necessary to guarantee the flexibility and consistency of the brand across the different touch points.