Next December 31, 2017 a stage ends.

Because that day in 1997 we asked ourselves how far we would go.

We looked at each other with Laura and answered: “As far as 20 years”. It was the 90’s.

Those years where the Emojis were only pins. The “girls” were Spice or Super Powerful, people died for a StarTAC and not for an iPhone, the Playstation made its triumphant appearance, pets began to be digital and jeans were worn much farther than waist height.

In those years we were young, we were 2 ambitious young girls. I was more obsessive about the details than Laura and she was a nonconformist with the results. We had been an “explosive” formula at the university and then we started dreaming about our own project.

We always thought “big” even though we were “babies”, but I am convinced that this thought gave us the push to learn, grow, challenge the new, become experts and keep growing.

We arrive as far as we imagine …

Now, we are starting a new year. We are in the future and we will go back on our history. The countdown starts to run!

We will be sharing our story soon. As someone that I love would say: if we look back the past is only to take the energy to run. 🙂

See you soon,


Creative Director TMGroup

PS: if you want to talk about post, here’s my mail: [email protected]. Love to hear from you.


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