From Designer to Creative Director


Today I write to tell you that in TM we have a new Creative Director, because we are growing, because we are adding new clients.

ERIC JENSEN has been working in TM for 4 years. We share with him the same vision about daily tasks, the same enthusiasm to create innovative designs that improve the brand experience. Today he leaves the designer role to take the responsibility of the creative direction. Now there are 2 Creative Directors in TM: Eric and me!

Welcome to this challenge! I am proud to Eric is a member of my creative team.

I introduce you to ERIC JENSEN.


What would you love to design?:  The corporate identity of an airline.

Your idol in the design area:  Steve Jobs.

The quote you highlight in BOLD: Make it simple, but significant.

The best background for your picture: Sunset on the Dumbo!

The “MUST” in your Instagram: A beer in some place of Buenos Aires.

Which is the color that better taste?: Pantone 193C, spicy!

See you soon,


Creative Director TMGroup

PS: if you want to talk about post, here’s my mail: [email protected]. Love to hear from you.

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