Laura and I always knew that we would come back when we left the house in Belgrano.

When “the office” is a house, the day starts differently. The kitchen is one of my favorite places and not because I love cooking (Laura loves it!). The kitchen is a wonderful place to generate inner meetings, to have a brainstorming session, to draw and design on paper. You arrive in the morning and feel the coffee smell coming out from there and the energy and inspiration become different.

We made a dream come true when we returned to a house. We wished we had a working space that included our personal desires because just as there is not a line dividing being a designer when you work from being designer in your life, there isn´t a line that separates personal life from the working one, although we would like to have it.

Laura wanted a big kitchen to design it as she wished and, maybe, to cook some day. I wanted an atelier, where I could let my imagination fly: a big house where we could bring the dog and the kids, so we could work differently.

We saw a lot of houses but no one was enough for our designer´s eyes. Until we got into this one, the one that today is our working space. Its physiognomy is special and charming. It’s an antique house that had been recycled under industrial design style: ventilation pipes and bricks at sight, sliding metallic doors, wooden floors mixed with smooth concrete.

Some details that had been design decisions of the former owners were rescued to set them into the center of the scene. One of them is the industrial lamps that are in the middle of the meeting table. They are intimidating and stand up in the air, drawing a kind of sculpture in space.

We put our personal touch to the soul of this house. We have recently refreshed our image and we have defined our look and feel as OP ART (if you would like to know more details I invite you to read the note in this blog: “In house of designers, everything is nicely designed”). So, we add our identity when we intervened the spaces with lines and visual game textures. We added fluorescent and metallic colors from TM color palette. Today we are still in this process, nothing is permanent… because when you are designer everywhere and every time, you always have new curiosity and ideas to make from any space and experience.

We invite you to visit us and live the magic of this design house.

See you soon,


TMGroup Creative Director

PS: Laura hasn´t cooked in the kitchen yet and I haven’t got my atelier, but the dog and the kids come around here!

PS: if you want to talk about this subject, here’s my mail: [email protected]. Love to hear from you.



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